Living Peace Institute is an innovative conflict resolution consulting firm which offers: mediation, facilitation and consensus building services; original trainings like our signature programs, Dis-Solving Conflict from Within and Mindful Mediation; and individual and group conflict coaching.


We offer customizable seminars, workshops and courses on mediation, conflict resolution, mindfulness and awareness in conflict, and on using our inner power to overcome life’s challenges.


We give tools to individuals to face conflict and other life challenges with awareness, compassion and ease.


We provide full range of mindful conflict resolution services, including mediation, facilitation, consensus building and strategic conflict coaching.


We deliver talks that are engaging and transformative and inspire to focus within.


“This training far surpassed my expectations. I left shifting into an entirely new mindset as I fully engaged the alternative paradigm of conflict Henry offered. The Four-Step Process is invaluable and I look forward to using it within myself, with others and with my coaching clients and students. Henry’s work extends and expands other important work in the area of conflict management/resolution.”
Christine E. Kiesinger, Ph.D.Professor, Coach, Wellness Educator
“After being led through the four steps of Dis-Solving Conflict from Within, I can personally appreciate the value of this process as a means to shift from resisting conflict to experiencing the conflict in the present moment. Indeed, these four steps can be an invaluable tool for learning how to respond to conflict in new, beneficial ways.“
Dana Lightman, Ph.D.Psychotherapist and Motivational Speaker
“The Dis-Solving Conflict from Within process was transformative for me by helping me to sit with my emotions instead of fighting them. It was so helpful and allowed me to process the situation from a much different perspective! I highly recommend it!”
Arlene RosenMarriage and Family Therapist