Are you willing to look inward to dis-solve conflict in your life?

Developed by Henry Yampolsky and Annette Birkmann, Dis-Solving Conflict from Within offers an alternative to suppressing or expressing our emotions in conflict.  It teaches us to observe whatever is arising within us in conflict.  By observing whatever is in the moment we are able to connect with our deep feelings and needs and thus respond to conflict with clarity and compassion instead of reacting to it with fear, avoidance or aggression.  The four steps of the Dis-Solving Conflict from Within process, illustrated below, consist of a breathing technique and series of questions and affirmations designed to create the experience of space between our story in conflict, our attachment to that story and physical sensations that arise for us.  The experience of space between these three elements enables us to break the reactive patterns in conflict and provides a pathway for taking spontaneous right action.