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Transform conflict interactions into opportunities for growth, connection, and dialogue

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Transform conflict interactions into opportunities for growth, connection, and dialogue

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Dis-Solving Conflict from Within Book

Dis-Solving Conflict from Within Book


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Transform Conflict Interactions

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About Henry Yampolsky

Henry Yampolsky is a mediator, educator, TEDx speaker, and lawyer who serves as the Assistant Director for Education, Outreach, and Conflict Resolution at Virginia Tech’s Office for Equity and Accessibility. He also teaches Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building as part of Virginia Tech’s Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention. Henry has worked with hundreds of complex conflicts and has taught and lectured around the world, including at: Columbia University School of Law, the New York Peace Institute, the National Museum of American Jewish History, Bellevue Mediation in Zurich, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samidi (International Gandhi Center and Museum) in New Delhi, Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, India, and at the Sattva Summit in Rishikesh, India.

Henry is also a master-level instructor of Sattva Yoga, having studied yoga in Rishikesh, India. Henry’s TEDx talk about what crossing the Himalayas on a motorcycle taught him about conflict, connection, and dialogue is available on Prior on embarking on a career in peace-building and conflict resolution Henry was a trial lawyer in Philadelphia. Henry has a Juris Doctorate from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Studies from the University of Scranton.

Henry Yampolsky – Author, Mediator, Educator and Speaker

The Book

Dis-Solving Conflict from Within presents a new paradigm for looking at conflict. Written by a professional mediator (and an occasional adventure motorcyclist), this book presents a mindfulness-based framework for understanding conflict, and more importantly, responding to conflict with strength, clarity, and ease as opposed to reacting to it with fear, avoidance, or aggression. The first part of the book takes the reader step by step through the method, drawing on famous teachings in both conflict resolution and mindfulness, real-life examples from the author’s own practice, and colorful anecdotes from his personal adventures, which included riding a motorcycle across the Himalayas. The rest of the book is a very practical application for how these teachings can transform the way we live our lives – in conflicts ranging from arguments with your spouse and debates about current affairs at your dinner table to greater societal conflicts and existential challenges facing us.

TEDx Talks

Henry is an inspiring and insightful speaker who has taught, lectured, and spoke around the world included from the TEDx stage.

In this talk Henry discusses what he learned about conflict, connection, and dialogue by crossing the Himalayas on a motorcycle.

What if we realized that we know a lot less about people than we think we do? Then, the idea that we can ever be in another’s person’s shoes is an illusion. So, it is time that we move away from empathy and towards radical compassion.

In this thought-provoking talk, Henry defines radical compassion as an intimate and infinite connection with another person’s humanity combined with the knowledge that we can never truly know or experience what someone has lived through.

Testimonials and Endorsements

"An outstanding, heart opening, in-depth look at how our perceptions create conflict, and what to do about it to find peace. A truly illuminating book. Read it."

Dr. Joe VitaleBest-selling author of The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and The Miracle

"Much been written about dispute resolution, much that explores the world around us, and much that seeks insight from within, but little that reveals the deep, invisible connections between them. In this voyage of discovery, Henry Yampolsky invites us to explore all three, and the lines that connect them. He describes his own journey, offers practical advice, reveals the wisdom that links the world within to the world without, and calls attention to what will happen if we continue along the conflicted paths that divide us. It is a call - not only to action, but to insight, and the transformational path of dispute resolution. It is a terrific read -- honest, touching, useful, and inspiring."

Kenneth ClokeMediator and Author of The Dance of Opposites and Founder of Mediators Beyond Borders International

As we face times of upheaval and growing conflict, the silver lining is that more individuals and organizations might read and use work like Dis-solving Conflict from Within. I LOVE this book because there is a deep intelligence, compassion, and immediate utility to it. Henry Yampolsky makes mindfulness accessible and potent. I felt myself growing calmer with every page I read. I want this book on every bookshelf and in every boardroom and classroom!"

Tama KievesUSA-Today featured visionary career catalyst and author of Thriving Through Uncertainty and other books.

"In this profound and useful book, Henry Yampolsky brings the inner and outer domains together into a truly holistic program for not only ameliorating conflict but achieving compassionate, harmonious solutions."

Philip GoldbergAuthor of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

"Drawing on wisdom from both East and West - from meditation and yoga to social psychology and social justice movements - Henry Yampolsky makes a compelling case for the value of self-awareness and contemplative practice as critical tools for dispute resolvers who wish to respond skillfully and compassionately to people enmeshed in conflict."

David A. Hoffman, Esq.John H. Watson, Jr. Lecturer in Law, Harvard Law School, Founder, Boston Law Collaborative

"A poetic merger of spiritual philosophy, mindfulness, psychology, and the practice of peace-building, this powerful text takes readers on an incredible journey that is nothing less than a mind-altering shift in consciousness."

Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D.Founder of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems and Author of The Conflict Resolution Playbook

"Packed with stories and quotations, the work is well-researched but never pedantic and offers fresh takes on core conflict resolution concepts like needs, emotions, and mediation. This is an enjoyable, impactful read."

Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D.Mediator and Author of Extreme Facilitation: Guiding Groups Through Controversy and Complexity

"With wisdom, insights, processes and sharing his personal experiences, Henry explores with us the importance of experiencing and practicing the inner journey to conflict resolution."

Stu WebbCollaborative Law Innovator

"Consider reading this book slowly and with intention. It just may change your life!"

Suzanne SherkinFormer Leader, Mediators Beyond Borders Canada, Conflict Coach, and Author of When Gender is In Question: A Guide to Understanding

"Thank you Henry, I found myself integrating the book into my life/relations as I was reading it, such was the profoundly clear explanation you deliver. How to resolve conflict within is a must have skill for all humans interested in peace on any level."

Adam SchomerAward Winning Producer and Director of The Highest Pass, Heal Documentary, and The Road to Dharma

"Drawing upon a wealth of collective knowledge and wisdom--and grounded and affirmed by his own life experiences--Yampolsky reminds us of the power we hold, individually and collectively, to transform the way we deal with conflict. This thoughtful and cutting-edge book both presents and simultaneously unravels a paradox: by turning inside ourselves, we can better understand the world outside of ourselves and bring peace to both. Rather than tolerating or avoiding the inevitable conflicts in our lives, Dis-Solving Conflict From Within encourages and demonstrates how mindfulness and embracing conflict is a prerequisite to transformation."

Shawn DunningFormer Global Director of Leadership & Training, Search for Common Ground, Founder of Shawn M. Dunning Consulting

"With this book Henry Yampolsky offers a stunningly generous gift, one that in turn becomes a gift to others. The stops on his own journey to wisdom—not a far-off destination, but one that he shows dwells in possibility within each of us—are brought to bear on the formulation of a powerful tool for use any time we are at odds with each other. Dis-Solving Conflict from Within represents a detailed map for learning to observe and listen, respond rather than react, and finally escape the prison of our own stories. Like Dorothy's Kansas, the power to arrive has been inside us all along."

Melissa Holbrook PiersonWashington Post contributor, author of The Secret History of Kindness and other books

Services We Offer

Conflict Resolution

We offer a range of conflict resolution services which include: conflict coaching, facilitation, mediation, and organizational development. Whether it is a conflict among close family members, business associates, or among multiple stakeholders around the world we have the tools to transform even the most difficult interactions into opportunities for growth, connection, and dialogue.


With a background in law and experience in mediation; civil rights; public policy; higher education; diversity, equity and inclusion; change management; organizational development; and conflict resolution process design we offer consulting services to organizations around the world interested in creating space for a meaningful dialogue and committed to transforming teams into vibrant, inclusive, and productive communities. 


Our trainings are engaging, practical and deeply transformative.  We have presented our signature Dis-Solving Conflict from Within ™ course around the world and have trained multiple professionals as mediators through our Mindful Mediation ™ training.  We have taught mindfulness, conflict de-escalation, mediation, compassionate communications and transformative negotiation skills to law enforcement personnel, senior UN diplomats, lawyers and business leaders.  We are happy to custom design thought provoking training experiences that fit the needs of modern organizations.


Henry Yampolsky is a prolific speaker with a unique ability to engage with his audience. He has taught and lectured around the world and is a multi-time TEDx speaker whose TEDx talks have garnered thousands of views. Henry’s prior speaking topics included: Dis-Solving Conflict from Within, Moving from Conflict to Collaboration, Top Secrets of Mindful Negotiation, Moving from Problem-Solving to Empowerment, the Dangers of Our Quest for Truth, and Do We Really Want Civility and Tolerance. Henry is happy to custom design a speech or a presentation which will move the audience while leaving it with lasting insights. 

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