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Conflict Resolution



Founded by peace educator, lawyer, mediator, conflict coach and social entrepreneur, Henry Yampolsky, J.D., Living Peace Institute is an innovative conflict resolution consulting company.  It offers:  mindful conflict resolution services such as mediation, facilitation and consensus building; unique, engaging and transformative trainings at the intersection of mindfulness and conflict resolution; and conflict coaching.  The mission of the Living Peace Institute is to equip individuals and organizations with powerful tools for responding to conflict with clarity and compassion instead of reacting to it with fear, avoidance or aggression.


It is my highest wish that everyone on the planet could take Henry’s training. I am convinced that when one understands that the first step in managing conflict is going ‘within,’ we could create world peace. Truly, Henry’s approach is innovative and turns current paradigms of conflict upside down. The content is invaluable in one’s relationship to Self, significant other and work life. I look forward to honing my skills.

Christine E. Kiesinger, Ph.D. Professor, Coach, Wellness Educator

Purposeful, authentic and intentional strategies for real-world practitioners.

Dr. Gerry Fitzpatrick-DoriaEducational Leader

Henry is a gifted teacher – wise, humble, humorous and engaging. He uses mindfulness and yoga to approach conflict in a way that is fresh and empowering. I can highly recommend Henry’s workshop and his broader conflict resolution expertise.

Kirraley Bowles LLMLawyer, Diplomat

I am writing to let you know of the marvelous shift that has occurred since participating in your workshop. I have had so many opportunities to practice dis-solving conflict and living with a peaceful and open heart. I have found my ‘sacred pause’ that seemed to have been missing. I feel a sense of space within from which I can pause, breath, reflect and let go. It is glorious and I’m so grateful.

Julie Carmalt Ph.D.Academic

Services We Offer


With a background in law and experience in mediation, group conflict dynamics, non-violent communications and mindfulness, we are able to offer unique and highly cost-effective services in: conflict mediation and facilitation; consensus building; restorative dialogues; and reconciliation. We can also assist with design and implementation of conflict resolution policies and procedures.  In conjunction with Yampolsky Law, P.C. – Conflict Transformed we can also provide a range of legal services in Labor and Employment and Family Law.

Conflict Resolution

Whether it’s a relationship breakup, co-parenting issues, siblings dispute, disagreements among neighbors, business restructuring, strategic plan discussions, union negotiations or large-scale organizational conflict, we can create space for understanding, dialogue and creative resolution.    Our conflict resolution services offer comprehensive and lasting solutions which cost many times less than litigation and preserve and enhance meaningful relationships.  


Our trainings are engaging, practical and deeply transformative.  We have presented our signature Dis-Solving Conflict from Within ™ course around the world and have trained multiple professionals as mediators through our Mindful Mediation ™ training.  We have taught mindfulness, conflict de-escalation, mediation, compassionate communications and transformative negotiation skills to law enforcement personnel, senior UN diplomats, lawyers and business leaders.  We are happy to custom design thought provoking training experiences that fit the needs of modern organizations.

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When working with individuals we strive to understand the unique needs of that individual and design a coaching program to meet those needs.  In coaching, we utilize the Dis-Solving Conflict from Within ™ process as well as cutting edge tools, teachings and wisdom of mindfulness and Yoga.  Our goal in coaching is to empower the individual to face conflict in their life with grace, clarity and compassion and to help them find lasting and meaningful resolution.  

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