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Mindful Mediation™ Training

empower people to have transformative conversations

Mindful Mediation

Would you like to radiate calm and confidence in the midst of even most challenging conflicts?  Have you ever thought about becoming a professional peacemaker? Do you wish to know how to transform conflict into an opportunity for growth, connection, and dialogue?  

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above questions, Mindful Mediation, an original training, developed by the Living Peace Institute, for current and aspiring conflict resolution professionals is for you!

Mindful Mediation is a 40-hour mediation training which teaches fundamental tools for leading transformative conversations.  This training also teaches aspiring mediators how to experience less stress and be more focused in their life and work.

This training combines the principles, values, and techniques of facilitative mediation with practices of self-awareness, mindfulness, and compassionate communications and is appropriate for:

  • conflict resolution and collaborative professionals;
  • union leaders;
  • lawyers;
  • therapists and social workers;
  • law enforcement personnel; and
  • those looking to develop or hone their conflict-resolution skills

Mindful Mediation satisfies the requirements of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals for client-centric mediation training and offers up to 32 CLE (Continuous Legal Education) credits (including 2 ethics credits).

We will be announcing our next Mindful Mediation Training soon!

Henry’s passion and commitment to truly transforming conflict resolution was reflected in every slide, every exercise, and every word, quote or story that he told during our training. It was his willingness to give to us fully that allowed us to do the same

Danine MuellerCertified Financial Planner and Retirement Consultant

Mindful Mediation training was thoughtful, thorough and in depth. Henry provided good instruction in the skills needed to mediate disputes between parties without focus on any particular issue in dispute but the process of airing opposing points of view and engaging the parties in meaningful dialogue. I learned an enormous amount!

Bella Schnall, EsquireMatrimonial Lawyer, Mediator

Henry’s style of teaching of integrating yoga/meditation with learning the skills of mediation was so unique and effective that it has sparked curiosity within me to continue to practice and explore this important work of expanding awareness in conflict. It is a skillset that all the world needs

William LoveCertified Financial Planner and Certified Professional Coach

I highly recommend the Mindful Mediation training from the Living Peace Institute. I started the training with no previous mediation experience, and by the end I felt confident in my skills as a mediator. I was presented with plenty of opportunities to practice these skills in a comfortable, no-judgment environment. This experience has been so valuable and I am looking forward to honing my mediation skills in the real world.

Bethany Wentz, MSGraduate Student