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Are you willing to look inward

to dis-solve conflict in your life?

Dis-Solving Conflict from Within™

Gain clarity, decrease anxiety, and experience ease in conflict! Dis-Solving Conflict from Within™ is a simple, mindful, and transformative tool for responding to conflict and other life’s challenges with strength, confidence, and clarity. Using a simple breathing technique along with guiding questions and affirmations, it teaches one to connect with a deep sense of peace within which is independent of circumstances.  The experience of inner peace empowers people to stop reacting to outside triggers and regretting their reactions.  This transforms conflict into an opportunity for growth, connection, and dialogue.

If you feel stuck and can't move forward due to a conflict in your life or if you work professionally with people where conflict is key, this course will help you to examine the root of that conflict and how to release it.

Heather Winslow-Walker, CFPFamily Legacy Coach and Financial Advisor

The Dis-Solving Conflict from Within process opened my eyes to a fascinating new method of feeling, experiencing, and being. This seminar was so intriguing so valuable for anybody who wants to explore themselves from the outside looking in!

Greg GilstonMental Health Counselor and Facilitator

This process is a very powerful tool to dissolve internal conflict. It is elegant in its simplicity and can help you unearth deep feelings and release them.

Jason PreatCorporate Trainer

This seminar made me see myself and my role as a human being in whole new light. As a participant in the universe, not just my finite little world. I gained invaluable knowledge on how to remove conflict as something personal and to put it outside of myself in order to deal with it in a positive manner.

Kim BucariBusiness Owner

Attending the Dis-Solving Conflict from Within program gave me the connection of how to put into action all the information I gained from reading many spiritual books.

Kathy BroccaBusiness Owner

I have learned valuable skills and insights. The idea of living in Expansion was eye-opening!

Debra WachspressDirector of Relationship Development, The Peace Center

Please, stay tuned for our upcoming Dis-Solving Conflict from Within seminars and events.